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Meet Davonna-the face behind the brand

My name is Davonna and I'm the founder of Davonna Skin Clinic, formerly Beauty x Davonna. I've always been inspired by the way women feel empowered and confident when they look and feel their best. Growing up in Oakland California, I spent countless hours watching my mother Darlene run a small business as a seamstress. Her dedication to creating custom garments for women left a deep impression on me. I knew that I wanted to help women feel beautiful inside and out, just like my mom did.

I have been passionate about beauty for as long as I can remember. From the days of cheerleading, where I would do hair and make-up on my teammates, to high school where I had girls lined up in the bathroom to get their eyebrows shaped and filled in, I quickly built a reputation for being a beauty expert. Without any real credentials. I started to become curious about skincare by the time I reached high school and was known for telling my ex-boyfriends how to properly cleanse.


After I graduated high school, I had an interest in graphic design and pursued it by enrolling in college and scoring a job at a design firm. After repeatedly being unfairly treated and recognizing that as a woman I would never have the opportunity to thrive the way my male counterparts did, I decided to switch gears and follow my desire to be a  hairstylist and enroll in Cosmetology school. I also became a mother so I was trying my best to juggle motherhood with working a 9-5 which eventually got the best of me. 


Around this time, I  struggled with my skin issues. My skin would get extremly dry and inflammed to the point of physical discomfort. I was diagnosed with eczema but didn't understand why the eczema prescriptions I was prescribed did not work. I began my skincare journey by getting facials but found that many treatments only made my skin worse. I was beyond frustrated and felt like my skin just couldn't be "fixed." This eventually led me to research and learn all about professional skincare and how different ingredients and techniques can benefit different skin types. I also was able to self diagnose and realize that I didn't have Eczema, it was psorasis which led me to finally experience a breakthrough.

When I began my journey into cosmetology at Laney College, I quickly realized my natural knack for understanding the theory behind healthy skin. After one of my instructors pulled me aside and suggested I become an esthetician, I started to realize the difference between talent and passion. I was talented regarding hair and makeup, but I was passionate about skincare because of my own untreated personal struggles.

Just shy of completing my education, I became a single mother and had to drop out. For 10 years, I worked in corporate America for Verizon Wireless, from management positions to business and government roles. While I appreciated the stability that the job provided, I was unfulfilled. I knew that my true passion was helping others with their skin. 

After my significant other received a job offer in Sacramento, we relocated and eventually, I gave birth to my second child. As a mother of two, I came to terms that my passion was a thing of the past. I was constantly climbing up the corporate ladder and my kids were happy so why revisit a passion with a full plate? One day I came into work excited after hearing I had just gotten a promotion and the organization was called into an emergency meeting where we were told we were all being laid off. I was devastated. The betrayal of realizing how disposable we all were just left me in a slump.

I eventually took a job in insurance claims which left me depressed. It started to take a toll on me which led to my man telling me to explore the opportunity to fulfill the passion he witnessed me suppress. I had no idea that being laid off would lead me to fulfilling my passion as an esthetician. As soon as I stepped out on faith, God truly ordered my steps which manifested as Beauty x Davonna which was founded in June of 2018. Today, I have helped hundreds of women achieve amazing results and feel confident in their skin. I have dedicated the past five years to impacting women's lives while executing my vision and cultivating a community centered around growth. This journey has led me to transition into my practice, Davonna Skin Clinic, where I am thrilled to continue offering exceptional service and clinical corrective skincare treatments while living out my wildest dreams!

Davonna Skin Clinic is a premier Skin clinic located in Fair Oaks, the greater Sacramento area. Davonna is a  highly trained professional specializing in clinical corrective skin care services and offers personalized treatments tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. At Davonna Skin Clinic, we are passionate about self-care and strive to provide exceptional service and high-quality products to help you achieve your skincare goals. Our clinic has been serving the Sacramento community for several years, and we take pride in our reputation as a leading skin care provider. We invite you to learn more about our services and visit us at our convenient location in the heart of Sacramento. Let us help you feel confident and beautiful in your skin!

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